Varnishing of oak parquet floor, workers hand and tool

Hardwood floors can have a buildup of dirt and grime that can't be removed with normal mopping.  It is also very important to maintain the finish on your hardwood floors so that the traffic and spills will damage the finish and not the hardwoods themselves.  If you have areas of your floor that have lost their shine and just look dull, then applying a hardwood floor refinish would do wonders.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Recoating Process


Depending on the level of dirt and debris on the floors, we will either sweep or vacuum to prepare the hardwoods for cleaning

Buffing/Cleaning Agent

A hardwood cleaning agent will be sprayed on small sections of the hardwoods at a time.  A commercial floor buffer would then be used to scrub and buff the floors to a shine.


Depending on the soil conditions, the remaining water after the buffing, will either be mopped up or extracted with a wet/dry vac.

Apply Refinish

Quality hardwood floor refinisher is applied evenly to the hardwoods to add a protective layer and restore its shine.  Hardwood floor refinisher is not the same as wax or polish.  Wax or polish can be harmful to your hardwood floors.