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Sometimes the Bissel can't keep up and we just need a fresh start.  For situations where pet accidents may have occurred on the carpet, or pet hair and dander issues, our pet treatment will give you that fresh start.  It's best to treat these accidents properly to prevent bacterial growth from occurring underneath the carpet.  A bio-active enzymatic agent is sprayed onto the carpet and allowed 30 minutes to dwell.  While the enzymes are dwelling in the carpet, a counter-rotating brush machine with a carpet-safe brush is used to scrub the carpet and help lift any stains or dirt.  This scrubbing also helps to remove pet hair and dander trapped at the base of the carpet which even the most powerful vacuums cannot remove.  The enzymatic cleaning agent digests organic waste materials including urine, feces, and vomit so they can be easily removed during steam extraction.  The deodorizer is injected into the steam during steam extraction to prevent longer drying times and to evenly distribute the deodorizer throughout the carpet fibers.



An enzyme-based cleaning agent is sprayed evenly over the entire surface of the carpet.  The enzymes feed on urine and other biological material.  After at least 30 minutes of dwelling in the carpet, the enzyme-based cleaning agent is steam extracted along with any urine from the fibers of the carpet.


Instead of generally spraying the diluted enzyme-based cleaning agent over the entire surface of the carpet, a higher concentration of the cleaning agent will be used to saturate each urine stain.  A high-power UV light is used to find urine stains invisible to the naked eye.  This treatment will remove urine from the carpet fiber and the carpet backing but will not be enough to remove urine from the padding underneath the carpet.


Large urine accidents that keep reappearing after cleaning may need to be treated with sub-surface extraction.  Troubled areas are completely saturated with the enzyme-based cleaning agent.  After dwelling in the carpet for at least 30 minutes, the cleaning agent is removed using a specialized tool called a water claw.  200-degree water is used to flush the cleaning agent and urine out of the carpet until only clear water is seen coming through the water claw tool.


Sub-Surface Urine Extraction

For situations where major pet accidents have occurred, sub-surface extraction may be required.  If a pet has an accident on the carpet and the stain is approximately baseball size or larger, then there's a chance that the urine has soaked through the carpet and into the padding.  For very large urine deposits, the urine could possibly soak through the pad also and into the subfloor underneath.  This is why you hear stories of people getting their carpets cleaned and then stains resurfacing a couple of days later.  If heavy urine deposits are simply steam extracted without performing the proper sub-surface extraction, then only the carpet gets cleaned and nothing underneath.  The carpet will appear clean at first but the urine underneath the carpet will wick back into the carpet as it dries.  Sub-surface extraction uses a specialized tool called a water claw which allows water/urine to be extracted from underneath the carpet.  Because we are able to extract all the water from underneath the carpet, this allows us to completely soak/saturate the urine area with the proper cleaning agent and remove as much urine as possible.


1. Saturate urine deposit with enzymatic cleaning agent

2. Allow to dwell for 30 minutes

3.  Extract cleaning agent and urine out of carpet using water claw tool

4. Flush and extract carpet with 200 degree water until only

clear water is seen coming through the water claw tool

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